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About Bodhih's Trainer Certifications

Globally recognized Corporate Training company in India

Train the Trainer is a workshop to prepare an individual with the necessary competencies to become an efficient trainer. The Trainer Certification workshop of Bodhih is offered in two different levels. 
Train The Trainer Certification, a blended learning workshop which includes 7 days online pre-training session, followed by 4 days intensive Live Virtual Session and 40 days post-training program which includes micro e-learning sessions. 
The Master Trainer Certification, a 5 days global standard certification that is comprehensive and enables a trainer to become a master trainer.
Bodhih ranks top 7 in the Global Train the Trainer market, our Master Trainer Certification and Train the Trainer Certification programs are designed and delivered by industry experts. Our unique hands-on experiential learning experience clubbed with cutting edge learning infrastructure gives learners the best platform to learn and explore.

Trainer Certification


Train The Trainer Certification

A 4 Day Global Standard Trainer Certification Workshop

Bodhih’s unique top of the line Train the Trainer Certification program that meets Global standards. Your opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about training as a function and chance to learn tomorrow’s techniques and not yesterday’s. Our four-day workshop is applicable to all types of training, with a key focus on all activities done before, during and after your training delivery. The Blended Learning approach that we implement makes learning and delivery more impactful.
A Highly recommended workshop for Individuals and organisations with a vision to develop and upgrade the skills of their training skills and teams.

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Master Trainer Certification

A 5 Day Global Standard Master Certification Workshop

A Master Trainer Certification program that has Credibility and ensures Competency! A workshop that allows you to conduct impactful Train the Trainer workshops. Bodhih’s 5-day workshop includes all the training approaches, training styles, thought-process and well-defined behaviours combined with industry secrets to help you, an experienced trainer transition into the role of a Master Trainer. An opportunity for experienced Coaches, Senior Facilitators, Senior HR professionals with Training Expertise, Heads of Organisations or functions with Training expertise and other training professionals to enhance their training mastery and implementation skills.
A Highly recommended workshop for Individuals with a vision to transition into a Master Trainer.