Why People Change Jobs Frequently?

Olden days saw people having job security as their biggest concern and would get into a huge and famous organization to remain there till retirement. Gone are the days where employers would only consider recruiting people who would stay with them for a longer period of time. Recruiting sons of the soil has also been observed as a practice of old organizations in recruiting.

Successful organizations of today understand that the energy is created by dedicated employees and ignite the flow of this energy by motivating them. They consider the human element in their business results which results in retaining a large number of employs they recruit. An organization can surpass all its goals with a highly motivated team which regards the organizations vision as their own.

Below mentioned are some reasons why employees switch organizations:

  • Complicated rules and procedures: Bureaucracy, complicated policies and pointless rules become barriers to the growth of employees and provoke them to shift jobs.
  • Disconnect from market trends: Staying in the same organization will disconnect employees from market trends by concentrating on career growth and switch jobs when a new opportunity strikes.
  • A shift towards a qualitative work environment: Some organizations tend to compromise on quality and cut costs drastically after they see a certain amount of growth in the industry which hampers their reputation in the eyes of their employees.
  • Better opportunities in the market and development in their interviewing and negotiation skills: Employees of today grab every new learning and growth opportunity within and outside their organizations and sell their expertise to every potential employer.
  • Lack or failure of focus on vision: Employees tend to change jobs when their employers do not have a firm vision and fail to derive the same within their employees.
  • Unfavorable attitude of managers: People don’t leave jobs, they leave their managers. This happens when managers fail to recognize their employees contributions, do not develop their skills and fail to reward them.

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  1. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Can Doctors change frequently their job places? How frequently can a teacher change jobs ? Why do recruiters tend to switch jobs across companies so often? Companies also prefer hiring new set of people than retaining and investing more time in training them.


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