Visualisation For Training Success

Visualisation helps a person not only in speaking better but also reduces the fear of public speaking. All top performers, regardless of profession, know the importance of picturing themselves succeeding in their minds before they actually do in reality. Something that can be translated over to the business arena from athletics is the power of visualization. It is extremely effective when harnessed and used correctly.

Visualization is an important personal development tool. Just as affirmations can help you motivate yourself and focus better to achieve your goals so can using visualization, or mental imagery. Although it has only become really popular as a personal development technique since the late seventies and early eighties, we as humans have been using mental imagery since the beginning of time. Whenever we have an idea or notion to do something we visualize it first. For instance, if we’re hungry and want to eat we picture different food possibilities; whether we want to cook a meal or go out to eat, and whether or not we want company at our meal. When we have a function to attend we picture what type of outfit to wear and where we might shop for it.

What is Visualization?

It is the use of the imagination through pictures or mental imagery to create visions of what we want in our lives and how to make them happen. Along with focus and emotion it becomes a powerful, creative tool that helps us achieve what we want in life.

Used correctly it can bring about self-improvement, maintain good health, help you perform well in sports, and accomplish your goals in life. Using it as a technique invariably results in a much better performance and outcome. This also holds true in business, or in life, such as in delivering a speech, asking for a raise, or any other situation that requires preparedness and forethought.

Mental preparation is one of the most important aspects of peak performance under pressure. In both sports and business, high pressure situations place many demands on us. When we’re in a challenge state, we’re able to meet those demands. “To get into a challenge state, the key is to increase levels of self-confidence, perceptions of control, and focus on success.  Below mentioned are some of the benefits of visualisation that will help a great deal before the actual live performance:

1) Get More of What You Want

A major benefit of Creative Visualization is that it helps you to get more of what you want. When one vividly imagines himself achieving his goals, he triggers a whole series of subconscious processes which will help him in reaching his target. By training his brain one will inevitably experience more “real world” success – and feel more chilled about the process.

2) Familiarizes oneself or set the stage for a performance/event – Visualisation can be used effectively to familiarize oneself with the surroundings before an event, such as a competition site, a racetrack, a stage or a difficult play or routine prior to a competition. When a person imagines himself performing perfectly and doing exactly what he wants, he physiologically create neural patterns in his brain, just as if he had physically performed the action. The thought can stimulate the nervous system in the same way as the actual event does.

3) Helps in doing things right

People visualise things without even knowing it. Each & every time a person worries about the future, gets anxious about what might happen, or convinces yourself that times are “bad” He just visualizes about the wrong things. One can reclaim control over the experience as he visualizes about the circumstances he wants to create .

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