Coach and Facilitator


Coach and Facilitator

Anand Narayan is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator who has helped business entrepreneurs, and staff and managers at every level achieve success. He has worked across a range of industries and sectors including IT, telecoms, financial services, publishing and retail to name just a few. His considerable skills as a trainer have resulted in him being asked to complete training projects throughout India. He has also carried out international assignments in Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.

The training ‘bug’ caught Anand at an early stage in his career. He was working as a sales professional when he learnt that true satisfaction for him came from helping other people achieve success. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and skills and strongly believes in the ability of learning to empower people. His experience has shown him that opportunities to learn allow people to reflect, be successful and live fulfilling lives at work and at home. Anand describes his approach as results driven. He aims to ensure all stakeholders receive the best in return for their investments.

Anand specialises in communication skills, strategic selling, influencing and persuading, competency coaching, training trainers, behavioral change and other soft skill areas. He uses NLP and other forms of applied psychology to underpin his work.  He has also introduced and taught the spiritual practice of Meditation to various corporate clients.

Anand has a BA in Commerce and is a trained facilitator from Oscar Murphy International, Singapore & Carlton’s Academy of Management Institute. He is also certified in Hypnology & Life Coaching from the School of Natural Health Sciences, USA.