Training for Trainers

Training is an investment a company must make for the future its employees and certainly training will help companies recover their investments in the form of increased productivity and profits. Continuous building of skills and knowledge helps companies remain competitive and benefits of the training is generally highlighted in the beginning of any training program. However, if there is a huge group to train than the budget of a company allows, a company will benefit from training the trainer, which will in turn enable them to control their training investment, often in ways that are not evident.

There is a famous Chinese proverb which is “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to catch fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Training the trainer is like teaching a man how to fish. Once you train a trainer, he/she will have the capability to impart their learnings and knowledge onto many within their own organization. There is undoubtedly an advantage to leveraging the investment in training this way, but what about the unseen benefits?

These unseen benefits may show up in surprising ways, not only for the organization but for the trainer as well. The benefits of training the trainer are:

  • Building self-confidence of the internal trainer by allowing them to take on a new or expanded role
  • It helps trainers feel comfortable managing sensitive topics
  • Ensuring the trainer effectively delivers the key messages related to the training program and the course material
  • The training is in the context of the company and the relevancy is stressed upon.
  • Ensuring the trainer understands and utilizes different interactive methodology effectively
  • Use an in-house resource to instruct other employees and can help form new alliances and groups
  • Help employees feel more secure in sharing
  • Improve employee retention by making them feel like an integral part of the organization

Consider these unseen benefits when you make plans for the training your organization needs and be prepared to “grab” the profits.

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