Training, Facilitating, and Presenting

Training, Facilitating and Presenting are often interchanged and differ according to the purpose of the situation which will determine the skills required to deliver them.

The main purpose of a training session is for the participants to build competence, acquire knowledge and skills which can be used at their workplace. In a facilitating session the participants are been guided through a process which includes generating ideas, analyzing them, solving the problems or making decisions. A presentation session is where the information is given to the audience to inform and get inspired or even entertain.

A trainer might use his facilitating style during the training session where he or she acts as a guide than a traditional trainer however if the purpose of the session is for the audience to acquire knowledge and skill, then it is still a training session.

Likewise in addition if a trainer might deliver a lecture to present some information during a training session and if the purpose is for the audience to acquire knowledge and skill, the presentation should provide the knowledge and should follow some type of practice and conduct feedback so that the audience can develop the skills resulting in training.

If a trainer delivers a lecture and nothing more than that, then the information has been just presented however that cannot be considered as training.

Presentation Vs Facilitation


In presentations the speaker does majority of the talking, they also have a point of destination where the presenter tries to expand the thinking of the audience from one line to another. The speaker clearly marks the path and the guidelines and also uses stories examples, makes the audience actively participate to keep their energy levels high and engaged.


The facilitator does a majority of the talking and provides the destination and the guideposts however uses a material for the audience experience it . The audience provide the stories, quotes, analogies and other material which shows that learning is taking place. The facilitator also asks questions the test the audience help them understand the material. The audience understands the material quickly and also teach others. A facilitated session is circular , the facilitator always check with the audience and ensures that they  understands  materials and are moving in the right direction. A facilitator should always be comfortable allowing others to shine.

It is easier to stand on a stage and present information to a crowd. It is much more difficult to provide new information and skills to the audience, help them understand and experience the information or skill and then have them walk out of the session feeling that they learned something.

Presentations Vs Training

There is a huge difference between training and presenting. There are many Train The Trainer Training Programs which helps in understanding the differences between the presenting and training. When we present a message has been delivered and it is a one way traffic. Presentations are being used within a training role however switching from training to presenting in a heartbeat however the skills which are required to train are entirely different.

Experienced trainers use a mixture of presenting, training and facilitating skills effectively however they are different.

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