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Train The Trainer Certification

The Impact of Bodhih's Train The Trainer program.

Bodhih’s Train The Trainer workshop is one of a kind comprehensive program that incorporates both classroom + online-based blended learning approach. It is a well-designed program that helps you enrich your overall training effectiveness. Our internationally accredited certification program uses practical approaches, the latest tools and techniques to enhance your learning needs in a suitable environment. An opportunity to develop your key competencies and not limiting it to just domain knowledge. A learner-focused workshop that lets you learn the integral skills of knowledge transfer that is educational, interactive and stimulating.


Our Train The Trainer Process


A = Analysis

Bodhih strongly believes and implements the ADDIE model while creating the Train the Trainer program. It is also one of the many concepts that participants of the Train The Trainer program will learn and apply during the 4 days workshop.

All voyages must begin somewhere, and ANALYSIS is a good place to start. In the ANALYSIS stage, participants learn to clarify the core project components required and map out the training design process. Areas for key deliberation include the learning objectives; potential areas of improvement; and the learners’ existing skills. Key questions participants should tackle during this stage include A) Knowing your target audience and their training needs. B) Your delivery methods e.g. Classroom, outbound, mobile, VR, audio, etc. C) The Delivery date or the timeline for completion.

Process picture

Train The Trainer Program Structure



A 7-day self-paced online course implemented to ensure learners are better prepared and well equipped for the workshop.


4 Days Classroom Training

4 days of structured and interactive hands-on experiential Live Virtual Session aimed at providing the learners with international standards of training experience.


Post Training

A 40-day self-paced online course implemented to ensure learners get reinforcement of the course based on the microlearning principles.

Schedule for 4 Days Trainer Certification

Our high-intensity training programs are designed to keep you both mentally and physically engaged. Be prepared to attend the session from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and ready to work on post-training assignments each day.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

  • Session 1


    Establishing company credentials, helping the group to get to know one another and highlighting the ground rules and expectations of the workshop.

  • Session 2

    Presentation Dynamics

    Understanding the fundamental elements of being a trainer in place. Taking a look at all that goes into presenting your ideas effectively and in a compelling manner to any audience.
    This helps participants use different approaches to deliver their ideas and greater impact.

  • Session 3

    Training Fundamentals

    To look at the different ways in which one can go about executing a training and development intervention in any organization and knowing what works best.
    This section of the program enables participants to learn the various methods in which training can be designed and delivered.  

  • Session 4

    Understanding Client Requirements

    Understanding exactly how to uncover the actual need of the individual, team, department or organization and translating that into a format that can be used later.
    The section helps participants use the client requirement to understand and create programs that suit the needs of the client and meets the learning objectives they have in mind.

Why Choose Us?

Bodhih serves customers globally with its trainer certifications available as Train The Trainer and Master Trainer Certifications.

  • Career Transitioning

    * Explore the various options available to you as a certified trainer* Understand how to enter the training field* Consider the growth opportunities as a trainer

  • An Outlook on Training Techniques

    * Study the dynamics of learning and what aides improved learning capabilities.* Recognise the diverse approaches used by individuals in order to retain information.

  • Ready to Deliver Training Modules

    * Get full length, ready to deliver training modules. * These modules are exhaustive and include everything you will need to help you launch your career as a trainer.

  • Enhanced Earning Capacity

    * This career track offers you the opportunity to improve your earning capacity.* Experienced trainers can earn anywhere between Rs.5000 to Rs.1,00,000 per day depending on their training specialisation.

  • Guide to Training Senior Management

    * Learn how to train senior management and c-level executives with ease.* Learn how to overcome challenges through experiential scenarios.* Get equipped with the tools and techniques to help you succeed.

  • Career Growth

    * Explore the entire training cycle.* Get involved in assisting organisations overcome challenges through training interventions.* Learn how to work from a result driven mind-set towards training

  • Draw on Life Experiences

    * Bring together all your past corporate and personal experience and use it to deliver impact-full training.* Get trained in using past experiences and translating them into revenue models as a trainer.

  • Develop Training Charisma

    * Build the desired knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour to command the respect and attention of your audience.* Learn how to become a transformational mentor.

  • Build Your Own Brand

    * Improve your market value through building your own personal brand.* Build your self-esteem and confidence.* Lay the foundation for long term success as a training professional.

  • Experienced Specialist Trainers

    * Get mentored by trainers with specialised corporate experience.* Overcome challenges by linking powerful theories and techniques to relevant work situations through practical and real world examples.

  • An All-Inclusive Certification

    * This certification program is multi-dimensional, taking a 360-degree approach to the development of training skills.* Develop an improved understanding of the key theories and techniques that make a successful trainer.

  • Research Authenticated Content

    * Gain access to well researched and documented content.* All content developed is researched and validated by trainers and our exclusive group of industry experts.

Upcoming Train The Trainer Events

Train The Trainer Certification Workshop - Blended session with Live virtual session and Self-paced e-learning modules.Customized workshop for Corporate Clients across India and Asia.

  • 5-6&12-13

    December 2020

    Train The Trainer Certification

    4 Days Workshop

    Live Virtual Classes

    09:00 - 18:00


Here is what our clients have to say about us.

"An excellent programme for all the trainers who want to learn their strengths and gaps and upskill themselves."

Teena Hudery

"Just completed TTT foundation and intermediate training last month from Bodhih. The training was well planned and executed. It covered all aspects of training and has given me good confidence to start my training career. The trainer was very clear in thought and had articulated well. Thank you Bodhih."

Pushparajan S

"Excellent training. I am studying so many techniques understand how to conducted the training program. Thanks bodhih given me wonderfull opportunities given to me by Ashith kerala"

Pee Kay Wood Rubwood furniture

"Namaste. I attended train the trainer workshop under the guidance of Vinesh Sukumaran. It was a great learning experience where I learnt all the elements that is required to be a professional trainer. Its worth every penny. Thank you."

Shyamala Kamath

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