Become a Certified Master Trainer.

Bodhih ensures that master trainers are able to create and deliver Train The Trainer workshops on topics of their choice and to an audience that might range from beginner to experienced trainer.

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Master Trainer Certification

Bodhih's All-inclusive Master Training Certification Program

Bodhih’s Master Trainer Certification program is a course that guides participants through the various stages of a trainer’s development, right from being a Trainer to becoming a Master Trainer. The journey begins by closely monitoring both past competencies and current strengths and passes through a comprehensive evaluation of newly acquired competencies. This 5-days workshop aims at providing a unique and exceptional experience where participants don’t just learn the finer nuances of being a Master Trainer, but successfully demonstrate the core competencies that are needed to ensure that the trainer can train other trainers and ensure that they are able to deliver something of value.

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    A rigorous program to put your training skills to test and take them to the next level. Bodhih’s Master Trainer Certification program is a “must have” for any tenured Training resource. A program that will help you conduct effective Train the Trainer workshops, to say the least.
    The Master Trainer Certification workshop is packed with the tools, secrets, thinking style enabling interventions and support to ensure that experienced trainers are able to create and deliver Train The Trainer workshops on topics of their choice and to an audience that might range from beginner to experienced trainer.


Our high-intensity training programs are designed to keep you both mentally and physically engaged. Be prepared to attend the session from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and ready to work on post-training assignments each day.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

  • Session 1


    Establishing company credentials, helping the group to get to know one another and highlighting the ground rules and expectations of the workshop.

  • Session 2

    Uniqueness Of The Master Trainer

    Understanding what the Master Trainer Certification is and what it is not. The importance of using your previous experience in the right manner and ensuring the development of the right competencies for master training expertise. Also getting to know where the Master Trainer Certification could take you in terms of a career and growth.
    This section helps participants use past experience and develop new competencies that will be used to augment their training career.

  • Session 3

    Master Training - Developing Domain Specific Train The Trainer Workshops

    Discovering ways of coming up with one’s own ideas and concepts and expanding on them to move them into theories and frameworks of value. Building one’s own expertise using original concepts and theories and ensuring that they are moved successfully into training workshops and other self-development models.
    This section helps participants identify a specific domain to specialize in and build frameworks and models.

Who can Attend?

    Experienced Coaches
    Experienced Technical Trainers
    Senior Facilitators And Change Agents In Organizations
    Trainers And Coaches Certified By Some Of The Leading Bodies In The World
    Experienced Trainers
    Bodhih Certified Trainers
    Senior HR Professionals With Training Expertise
    Anybody Who Wants To Make A Transition From Trainer To Master Trainer
    Training Managers 
    Subject Matter Experts
    Heads Of Organizations Or Functions With Training Experience
    Anybody Who Wants To Reach A Level Of Mastery In The Training Field


Here is what our clients have to say about us.

Aneka Sharma

"I learnt a lot from the other participants delivery styles and
appreciated the thorough validation process Bodhih went through
to ensure those in the room were at MTC level. Improvement - More
focus on facilitation skills especially at MTC level. This was an area
I had specifically wanted to focus on. The feedback report could be
more detailed especially in areas of development with illustrations
of examples where Vinesh saw certain things present / not
present. I understood a video would be sent of my presentation -
I’ve not yet received this nor the certificate."


"Wonderful training session. Vinesh mastered his subject. Lots of take away for me."


  • Master Trainer Certification

    5 Days Workshop

    Bangalore, India.