Train The Trainer Certification

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The Train The Trainer Certification workshop is Bodhih’s signature program to train and certify its pool of internal trainers. Bodhih has a pool of over 100 trainers and facilitators across the country who consult with clients, design, develop and deliver programs for Bodhih’s clients. Bodhih has a rigorous internal process of conducting Train the Trainer programs for its pool of trainers. Each trainer is taken through a series of interventions, assessments and practical exercises before the Train the Trainer certification is granted.


* Train Senior Management And C-Level Executives With Ease
* Grow From Trainer To Organizational Development Consultant
* Utilizes Our Work and Life Experiences
* Develop The Training Charisma
* Researched And Validated Content
* Specialist Trainers and Facilitators
* Become Your Own Brand

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