Train The Trainer – How it creates a sustainable Learning Culture

In a VUCA (Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity) World of Business, Leaders from Businesses of all sizes have realized the importance of the Key Success Factors for Sustained Business Growth.

  1. Business Strategy Execution Excellence
  2. Financial Health: Top-line & Bottom-Line
  3. Continuous Learning & Innovation

I will write to you about the 1st and 2nd Key Success Factors on a different day (so do watch this space), while I go deeper on “Continuous Learning and Innovation” in today’s conversation.

Unless you are Leading the Learning and Development Key Result Area (KRA) in a Large Enterprise, it perhaps is of least interest to you if you are in a Start-up or SME to benchmark your L&D Budget and L&D Efforts to industry norms. In a frugal environment such as yours, what really matters are sustainable solutions that drive Continuous Learning & Innovation.

  • It doesn’t matter to you if X% of efforts have been spent on Learning..apart from the Deliverables
  • It doesn’t matter to you if Y% of Employees have attended Program A, Z% a Program B
  • It doesn’t matter to you if the Competency Levels of Employees moved from Level 2 to Level 4, although it is presented with the most beautiful Report with the Prescriptive Analytics!

What really matters to you is this:

+ In an Agile Organization of Specialists, Are their Capabilities synchronized to do the best job collaboratively in most agile approach

+ Is my Organization, Learning every day to innovate a new process, product, service, or thinking Blue Ocean to create new markets Every day… Every moment of it.

+ Is every member of my Organization, thinking ahead like an Entrepreneur, making decisions, taking risks, empowered to disrupt, Leading and not following.

What you need is a Sustainable Solution driven by Champions who shall Create a Continuous Learning Culture to drive Learning, Sharing, Innovation and Disruption as an intrinsic element at the Workplace.

“Train The Trainer” (TTT) is one such solution which needs to be looked at differently. Historically, TTT has been a career launch vehicle for wannabe Corporate Trainers, Freelancers, Learning and Development Managers of Medium to Large Enterprises. Train the trainer certification have obviously added credibility to the professionals mentioned above to strive and make their mark in the L&D World. These Certifications have equipped these professionals with Tools and Techniques to create better and effective Learning experiences and helped raise maturity levels and outcomes of L&D Initiatives over time.

However, As a Business Leader, Have you looked at the untapped possibilities of “Train The Trainer“.

The way we have conceptualized and designed it, Train the trainer course is a sustainable solution for Businesses as this will create a Pool of Champions for Organizations. Equipped with Practical Tools & Techniques, These Champions can be Change Catalysts who shall drive:

+ Learning as a Culture – by making Learning & Sharing as habits… These habits get ingrained as a Sustainable Learning Culture.

+ Innovation and Disruption as Fun@Work – by instituting Creativity, Innovation and Disruption as Fun – an incentive par any comparison.

+ Entrepreneurial Mindset – by empowering every employee to Lead instead of following, to take risks, to make decisions, to learn from failures

+ Competitive Advantage – by being proactive to the dynamic trends of the industry and competition – to learn, share and apply new Core Competencies for Competitive Edge

+ Butterfly Effect of Transformation – by creating New Champions for tomorrow – who will sustain the Culture of Learning, Sharing, Innovation and Disruption to strive in the VUCA World of Business.

In the end, your Business Outcomes is determined by “Design”… Depending on your persona and your current intent you may look at it as

  • “Change by Design” for Business Transformation, Or/And
  • “Experiences by Design” for Superior Employee Engagement / Customer Engagement… Or/And more such possibilities…

The need for the hour in today’s VUCA World is “Learning by Design” driven by TTT to institute Continuous Learning Culture.

If you have questions and would like to learn more on How to build a Continuous Learning Culture / What Learning Methodologies drive ROI and Business Impact / How to discover and develop the Core Competencies for Your Organization’s Success / Why it is important to Create Change Catalysts in your Organization – Do write to me at .

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