Tips to enhance the productive outcomes of the training

Learning is an ongoing and inevitable part in everyone’s life. In an organization the best possible way of getting the best out of the employees is by training and motivating them. Training boosts motivation levels of the employees they start taking the ownership and responsibility towards the organization. These motivated employees motivate others to work together and create a safe and productive environment. Launching an effective training program is the best way to start.

The Trainer is a person who ensures the successful planning, analysis and implementation of the training programs. He or she should have a soft, creative, determined, motivated, and enthusiastic personality to execute the training function in an effective and efficient manner.

Analyse the training needs

The training needs analysis should be done with great care and skill. This is an essential part of training as the proposed training program should be aimed at fulfilling all the assessed needs of the trainees in an effective manner. There are lots of methods which are in practice to conduct the proper training needs analysis.

Developing Strategies

After conducting training needs analysis, the appropriate strategy should be developed. The strategy is inclusive, predefined course of action to achieve the objectives. The strategy should be complemented with desirable skills, tools and techniques to accomplish the goals.

Design the training program

The strategy will lay down the path for proceeding further and in view of this, design the training program. An effective training program should outline the contents, methods, simulations, and trainee participation activities. The Trainer should design the training program keeping in mind the age, background and experience level of the participants for it to be more effective.

Ensure participants are open to learn

The trainees should be properly motivated to learn so that they feel the solid importance of this training program. They must believe that this effort will result in the development of their personalities and the deficiencies will be converted into the skills. Once the trainees realize this fact, they would be more than willing to learn.

Ensure proper transfer of training

The trainer should keep this thing in mind that the contents of the training program should be effectively delivered to the trainees. The training flow should be well-suited to the participants so that the significant transfer of knowledge and competency building can be made possible.

Supportive materials

The training program comprises of variety of supportive content materials and it should be sensitively utilized to complement the training effort. The trainer should use this material to validate and justify the contents of the training program.

Using energy boosters

The energy boosters are regularly utilized to keep the participants alive as well as involved in the proceedings. These should be full of fun, innovation and enjoyment, so that the participants are refreshed and energetic.

Collecting Feedback

Post the training program a good mechanism for collecting trainees’ feedback to be followed. The Trainer must develop some material in the form of a questionnaire or feedback form to ask the trainees to rate the contents, execution, trainer’s preparation and overall training program. This is an important activity and hence should be done carefully.

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