The Effect Of Voice Modulation And Projection On Training Delivery

Public speakers and expert trainers use the right voice modulation and projection techniques to deliver their message with an impact. Effective voice modulation does not only does boost ones confidence in front of the audience but is also one of the best ways to win hearts and mesmerize people through the power of speech. One has to deliberately get his voice up and down at certain times for his message to make sense and get delivered with the right impact to inspire the listeners.

Many people are expert in their field but when it comes to getting across important messages they forget even simple things such as pausing to allow the audience to read the text on the screen or allow time. There will be life changing situations where one gets few seconds to grab the attention of potential customers pitching his company’s sales to a prospective client or delivering an important speech to 100’s at an annual conference.

One can be a competent and respected speaker with the right techniques in place.

Below mentioned are some easy voice Projection tricks for Public Speaking:

  1. Get excited about what you want to speak

Make sure you are passionate about your message. Your audience will see you as a believable speaker/performer only when you show passion with the meaning behind what you are doing in the first place.

  1. Warm up your voice before you get on stage

You can do sirens from the low part of your voice (chest resonance), to middle and then head (head voice resonance). You must access your low voice, connect it (mix it) to the middle and then through to the high voice — do this evenly.

If you bend right down to the floor you can create more flow in your vocal range. Sometimes standing will encourage reaching for high notes, thus making your higher voice much more difficult to access (and creating a sense of your voice feeling stuck).

speaking lessons will help you learn more about vocal exercises that are tailored for your personal voice type.

  1. Have a steady breath flow

You can feel this by using a straw, blowing and using your vocal cords at the same time. By speaking through the straw, you are able to take notice of whether your breath is being held back.

Are you tightening your diaphragm so much that your breath stops flowing? When this happens you lose balance of air. Your vocal cords don’t get enough air flow, end up closing too much and you develop a constricted sound. This makes your voice sound crackly and old. Breathing exercises tailored for your specific breathing issue will help you overcome tightness and constricted vocal conditions.

  1. Don’t force your voice, instead create resonance

If you want to project your voice, you do not need to shout or tighten and squeeze your diaphragm forcefully. Just release your sound by creating space in your throat and by learning to feel and create vibrations that are resonating.  The diaphragm will then naturally release air to your vocal cords as you speak. Air and muscle working together at the right amount of ratio is what makes your voice sound healthy.

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