Kick start your motivation

The consistency of overall motivation of the team as well as the individuals is a rare incidence. The reasons being lack of persistence, team spirit, ego hassles and many more. Individuals are motivated by power, money, fame etc. Each individual has different levels of motivation with varying objectives although the overall objective of the team is same. That’s why corporate and government find it difficult to get the job done in time.

So what is motivation all about? It is the ability of an individual to kick starts oneself to work for their dreams or objectives and make it happen. Motivation depends on how strong their motive is?  Many people leave the work midway because of weak motives or urges.

Individual’s motivation oscillates from high levels to low levels.  It is the team member’s persistence that keeps them going. This lays the momentum to swim against the tides.

Humans are both rational and emotional. It is the emotional part that dominates the brain which most of the times demotivates us. We are a slave to our emotions that’s the reason staying motivated is a herculean task. The demotivating factors can be temporary failures, failed relationships, conflicts with self and external environment etc.

Motivation directly influences efficiency and productivity. Practices such as recognition, rewards , challenging tasks while  sometimes holidaying and sports also fuel up the spark of motivation as all work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

The biggest challenge is to stay motivated till the end which most of the individuals and teams find it seemingly difficult. Motivation backed up with persistence will take them to the destination surpassing all the hurdles and hindrances.

Visalaxi Subbaiyan

Soft skills trainer

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    Nice motivation


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