Importance of Integrity in business

How Integrity effects an organization?

Integrity in the workplace is the most important quality for an organizations long time survival and existence in business. Organizations that practice integrity to enhance their value will become suppliers of choice to a majority of customers.  Employees will feel good about themselves, love their jobs and feel proud of the work they do. Organizations that value integrity will choose their words carefully and say what we mean, match their actions with words and taking responsibility for their actions. Integrity is a quality found in successful organizations that are trusted with a global presence, world-class brand recognition and reputation. Successful organizations accept credit for their successes but more importantly, they also accept responsibility for their mistakes and wrongdoings without being forced to do so.
How Integrity makes a difference to a person?

People who work with Integrity are the ones who do not compromise on their honesty and always stand by their principles. They deliver quality of performance, exceed stakeholders expectations and fulfil their promises by following through on what they have committed. Those who practice integrity will deliver the desired level of performance whether they are being watched or not and can be counted upon to deliver their best.

The word “Integrity” has come from the Latin adjective word, “integer”, meaning entire, whole or complete. Integrity means following moral convictions and doing right things under all circumstances. It plays a vital role in the tenure of one’s employment and it has a lot to do in return for it.

It is important for leaders to know that honesty and integrity are the foundations of leadership. Leaders always stand up for their moral principles. Jon Huntsman, Sr. is one of the entrepreneurs who built his success foundation with integrity which is a reason behind his success. He is a multibillionaire who started a chemical company from scratch and grew it into a $12 billion enterprise. Below mentioned are some words of wisdom from his experience:

“There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business or life. There are, basically, three kinds of people, the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.”

Why is Integrity important in business?

An organizations long term survival highly depends on its integrity. Integrity is telling the truth even if the truth is ugly. It is better to be honest than to delude others by giving false promises and cheating others. If one compromises his integrity in small situations with little consequence, then it becomes a practice to do the same in all situations. Adhering to moral principles becomes a professional standard for an individual or an organization which inspires trust.

Integrity is about doing things right and taking special care even for the small and minute actions which will give a long lasting impression. Those who cannot be trusted at all times, cannot truly be trusted at any time. Building trust with others requires time and patience. One betrayal, no matter how large or small, can destroy that trust forever. The theft of one dollar is still a theft. The person of integrity does not compromise his principles because the stakes are small.

It is impossible to be materially successful, at least in the long term, without having a deep sense of integrity.

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