Importance Of Good Communication Skills For Training Success

Good communication skills are a key to success in professional work and personal relationships. Communication should be crisp, clear and accurate in order to convey thoughts, intentions and objectives effectively. A message can turn into an error or misunderstanding and even result into a disaster causing frustration if it is misinterpreted or poorly delivered.

Training business is interaction driven. A trainer cannot attract the interest of potential clients or participants by just walking up to them cold or without conveying compelling ideas or insights. A trainers profile will reach nowhere if he or she is bad at talking to people or conveying the message without flaws or misunderstanding whether it is speaking to a potential client or networking with prospects.

The inability to communicate effectively holds back individuals not only in their careers but in their social and personal relationships as well. Good communication skills have become crucial in todays highly informational and technological environment.

Below are some steps to be followed for acquiring good communication skills:

  • Understanding the Basics.

It’s important to take a systematic approach to communication, given the wide range of channels that are available, such as face to face conversations, emails, marketing materials, presentations and other written and spoken forms.

  • Know what to say and why.

It is important to understand the purpose and intent of the message by knowing to whom and why the message is being communicated. One needs to ask himself what outcome he or she wants to achieve and the impression that has to be left behind as an impact of the message. Various communication barriers should also be analysed before sending a message across.

  • How to say it?

How a message is put across matters the most when a person expects the desired response. Making eye contact will inspire trust and confidence. One should closely watch his body language as it says much more words. The communication can be misunderstood when there is a difference or mismatch between body language and the words spoken while communicating. Good posture and approachable stance will convert a difficult communication flow into a smooth one. A judgemental and adversarial tone should be avoided and objections should be handled in a smooth and cooperative tone.

Communication is a two way process. After having said something, one has to pause, listen and look for feedback. Listening to the response fully and then responding back is a crucial part of communication as cutting off the audience in between will make the audience feel awkward.  It is better to give them full attention and then clarify the misunderstanding once they are finished to make sure that the message has been understood clearly and correctly.

  • Reach an agreement or understanding.

The purpose of information interchange has to be revisited. Both the receiver and sender should come to a consensus where everyone from the audience has understood what is being conveyed and their questions or concerns have been addressed.

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    I want to improve my communication skills

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    Need to improve my written communication skills


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