Importance of Conference Call Etiquette

Operating and profiting from a business has never been exactly what you would call easy, even in the best of times. But it seems like in today’s global business environment that the margins have been squeezed even thinner. Even the tiniest gain in efficiency and effectiveness could have an impact on your bottom line. That’s why conference calling can be considered an important business asset. Your business’s profitability will be improved any time you can achieve the same or even greater effectiveness at a lower cost.

When you have a conference call rather it is from business to business, or business to an employee at home or abroad conducting business, it is important that the conference calling experience is productive and smooth sailing. No matter what role you play in the conference call, it is necessary that you maintain the proper etiquette for conference calls.

Here are some guidelines you should strive to follow when attending a conference call:

  • Keep track of conference call dates/times.
  • Call in to the conference line a couple minutes early…
  • Mute your phone when you are not speaking.
  • State your name before speaking. Since the conference call attendees are not all in the same room.
  • Be prepared to discuss the topic at hand.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum.
  • When you call in to a conference call there are a million distractions in front of you. Pay attention!
  • Maintain a good cell phone reception. A bad cell phone connection could cause static or make your voice beak up when you speak.
  • Follow an agenda. An agenda should be provided before the conference call. Be sure to stay on topic.

With the above conference call etiquettes you will find that the conference calls runs in a much more smooth and efficient manner. Keeping the proper etiquette in mind while on the conference call will make the entire call that much more productive for everyone.

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