How To Conclude And End A Presentation On A Positive Note

A good presentation is like a great movie or a joy ride which opens by attracting the attention of listeners, picks up momentum with each stage, leaves audience mesmerized keeping engagement levels high and ends with a strong punch line or recap which will make them remember the presentation for a long time.

The words a trainer says especially at the end of his talk will have a long-lasting impact on the audience and will settle in their minds longer than almost any other part of the session. Some of the great Training in history have ended with powerful, stirring words that live on in memory. It is found that closure is more often the link between training and impact. Without it, things can be left unsaid, unchallenged, unclear, and uncommitted.

Below are some important ways and examples of concluding a talk or a session with a bang:

  • Recap, clarifications and appreciation:

A recap with a summary of what was covered in each part of the training session which highlights the key takeaways, skill development and how the workshop concepts will help the audience in future and what has to be practised to master the skills.

Clarification: It is always preferable to give all participants an opportunity to add a comment, clarify and revisit their doubts and allow them to have their say without interruptions before concluding any meeting as this is their time to speak. This will make them feel heard and addressed. This can open doors for more training programs and new possibilities.

Appreciation: At the end of the training, the trainer can highlight the positive contributions made by the audience as contributors and how their contribution has made the workshop successful. The audience can also highlight what went well in the training and how it has benefited them. This is the “make everyone feel good” moment for the trainer to make sure everyone leaves feeling good about something he or she accomplished and how will the learning from this workshop help in contributing to his company. It is good to let everyone know how incredibly successful the trainer felt the training was even if it means highlighting the one good thing that came out of it.

  • Closing with a story: The session can be closed with a story that illustrates the key points and then clearly links to the key message that the trainer intends to convey.
  • Closing with a joke: A training workshop can be a memorable one when it is closed with humour. Jokes will easily settle in the minds of the audience and have a lasting impact of the training topic when it loops back into the subject and repeats the lesson or main point the trainer is making that makes everyone laugh.
  • End it with action: Toward the end of the session, a trainer can briefly list the action steps that need to take place to move the participants forward. Each agenda item should be considered incomplete unless it is wrapped up in a thoughtful, deliberate way.

Remind everyone where the session is heading on the big picture. It is advisable to end it with a way to clarify doubts, network with everyone present, a genuine smile and enthusiasm for the future.

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