Differently- Abled People In Corporate Spaces

We frequently hear individuals saying, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Individuals with handicap are not disabled but rather Differently Abled as they are blessed with some extraordinary abilities. There are various inspiring identities who have fulfilled and beat their incapacity. Celebrated personalities like Sudha Chandran, a world renowned established artist got her leg amputated. Be that as it may, she didn’t abandon her dreams and got to be one of the acclaimed classical dancers across the world. Rajinder Johar, honoured with several awards runs a NGO named “Group of Disabled”. Johar has been paralyzed and bedridden because of manual cataclysm in 1986 yet has effectively started a NGO in 1992. There are numerous other motivational examples who have achieved their goals by not losing themselves.

Corporate spaces across the globe are not only employing the differently-abled people but also using them strategically to improve company productivity and profits. Many corporates are coming up with plenty of employment opportunities that are motivating a large number of individuals to come forward and join the mainstream workforce. Today, the motto of many companies is creating greater value by focusing on people’s unique abilities and providing a work environment that considers the special needs and skills of each employee.

A few examples who have taken a sceptical step to employee differently-abled people but in return got highly talented and dedicated employees.

For Valeo, a multinational automotive supplier based in France, it started as an experiment on inclusive workforce at its factory in Oragadam, Chennai.

The factory unit was plagued by large-scale absenteeism. The managers were constantly asking its HR department for manpower. The HR department just decided to hire the differently-abled as an experiment.

What started as a pilot project of hiring six speech and hearing impaired people in packaging on the shop floor has turned into a pan-India initiative for the company.

Result: dedicated employees who show better attendance and productivity.

SAP believes that diversity and inclusion in workplace brings a melange of ideas and cements a foundation for a vibrant culture. The company takes pride in the fact that it does not treat differently-abled employees differently.

This is how Differently Abled People are able to lead a comfortable life due to the facilities and more job opportunities being provided. Government and numerous corporates are taking initiatives to bring more individuals towards and giving them opportunity to perform what they are great at. They are giving them a workplace where they can work shoulder to bear with others to perform effectively.

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