Does Certification Make Any Significant Difference to Trainers?

Does Certification Make Any Significant Difference to Trainers?

Do you feel that your approach to delivering training is outdated? Do you often face challenges in engaging your participants? Are you making a loss in training?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions or all the questions, then this article is for You.

Corporate companies are paying greater attention to work with trainers who have niche specialization, credibility and outstanding testimonials. Often, top corporate would not entertain trainers without a valid trainer certification as they fear to risk their business and talent pool with substandard training.

Recently I attended a popular HR conference and expo in New Delhi. I observed many presenters, trainers, and speakers presenting a variety of topics. These presenters are world-class presenters and are associated with some of the biggest brands, they are the Subject Matter Experts in their area of specialization. However, their engagement with the audience fell flat and as I see it, this is one of the areas of improvement and an opportunity to work on and become a mainstream professional.

One of the Trainers spoke about “Wellbeing” telling people how to attain mental peace in everyday life and difficult situations. Surprisingly, when the Trainer ran out of time, it was visibly evident that their peace to handle the situation was in pieces.

Another trainer who spoke about the secrets of influencing on social media failed miserably at engaging the audience in person. The trainer had amazing content on creating an interesting profile, ways to engage people on social media, alas! the factor of engaging people face to face was a total let down!

These are just a couple of examples, we have several Trainers who assume they are doing a great job, however, fail to see that merely having a certificate and being a domain expert is not the only things needed to create a high-impact training program or to get more business. Trainers should be able to enhance competence and practice skill-building during the course. One of the key steps to making sure the content they prepare and use in their programs are exclusive, they need to be able to bring something new and unique to the table.

Now, you know why corporates evaluate trainers before empaneling them, why they don’t work with every trainer in the market, why they take late decision and why you don’t get repeat business.

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