3 Brilliant Ideas to Move up As A Master Trainer

3 Brilliant Ideas to Move up As A Master Trainer

Have you ever facilitated a fantastic session for trainers only to receive very little response? It sure is frustrating when you don’t get the traction you anticipated, but you don’t have to settle as a mediocre Trainer.

You can change your approach in a few different ways to create an impact on your participants and get the attention to what a great program deserves. Even if your training is successful, finding ways to extend the design of your training as a Master has many benefits, to stand apart from other trainers in the market.

Don’t Speak: Less Talk More Action!

I had once attended the introductory session on Scrum framework. Along with me, there were a couple of other participants who were Project Managers, Process Leaders, and Coaches who had the responsibility of training and coaching their teams.

The trainer was highly experienced, had great amount of knowledge about the topic, but her style of delivery was talk about the content on PPT. This eventually put off many participants and the session was nothing less than a boring one.

Bodhih’s Master trainer certification makes you learn how to train the trainers, to create the practical and hands-on experiential session so you can achieve both the physical and mental engagement with activities, role-plays, simulation vs reality exposure and so on.

Share Your Work: Publish a book or an article

One more way to change your level from a trainer to Master Trainer is from publishing your experience and knowledge in a book or an article.

It is also advisable for you to repost your content on blogs, on third-party sites, and improve the SEO initiatives by providing backlinks.

Additionally, publishing your work on other platforms gets new audiences who you may otherwise have missed.

Bodhih’s Master Trainer certification equips you with the knowledge about how to Recast topics and Propound to make you an excellent Master trainer and writer.

Picture It: Turn Text into Visuals or story

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is undoubtedly the same in training.

If your training includes a beautiful story, good amount of statistics, numbers, and other data as part of the content, then you can turn that text into a visual representation. This practice is highly engaging for your audience.

There are many valuable benefits to train trainers to use Icebreakers, stories, quotes, anecdotes PPT’s, video’s and infographics to create an impact in your session.

In Bodhih’s Master Trainer Certification workshop, you will learn how to create and design the session plan, content, facilitation for your participants or training aspirants such that they will be able to successfully implement necessary training skills by getting trained by you.