Are People Learning When You Train?

When you were a kid, you were learning all tons of subjects, because ‘you will need them in the future‘. However now we are not motivated by it as we are already in the future. They are dealing with problems in the here and now. Solutions to these problems are what they are looking for in training.

Here are few points to be remembered for effective learning.

Content must be relevant to participants

People learn to solve their current issues. Make sure that the topic of the training is directly relevant to the participants’ current situation. You need to understand what they are looking for what types of solutions and what types of problems.

Use easy-to-understand language

No matter what you train about – use a simple, everyday language. Your content must be user-friendly. Remember, training is for participants, not for the trainer to show how much knowledge they have.

Use humor in your training

Humor is a perfect way to help participants relax, which is essential for people to learn effectively. Generally it is advised to avoid any jokes related to sports, politics and religion. Your goal is to ease the atmosphere, not to put someone down or disrespect them.

Trainings must be active.

The average attention span of participants is about 30 minutes. That means that no matter how interesting your topic is, you are likely to lose your participants after half an hour. Incorporating activities in your training will help participants stay focused and attentive.

Respect social roles

Every person holds many different social roles, such as: parent, spouse, boss, employee tennis player, traveller, etc. Some of those roles are essential to our identity. It is important not to undermine any of them.

Respect the time

People have many things to do, they are always in a rush to do something or go elsewhere. If they attend the training, it means that they have dedicated the time to fit it in their schedule. Respect it.

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