Dimensions of training Delivery

Participants respond best in a training workshop when a trainer communicates, motivates and instructs them in the way that attracts engagement and interaction of participant. Below are some key points to be taken into consideration to make a training workshop successful: Putting participants at ease: A trainer gets the maximum participation from participation when he creates an environment of ease

Dimensions of Training

Training and development process can be described in two dimensions: Degree of Formality. Balance between self-directed and other-directed learning. Formal and informal learning may be similar in terms of what is learned and the purpose of the learning, they differ in terms of when learning occurs, how it occurs and where it occurs. Degree of Formality. Formal learning is structured

Basics of Starting a Career in Training

Corporate training is one of the fastest growing occupations today as different career paths are crowded with many qualified people are fighting the war of success initially and then move towards excellence. There are people who would choose training as their profession after spending years into other domains. They may face some situations where they find it difficult to be

How To Deliver Powerful and Impactful Workshops

Delivering a training session for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. There are many Corporate Trainer Certification programs which will help you understand the how to deliver impactful sessions. And like any other skill it can be learned easily and the more you practice the more you enhance your training skills. To deliver your training session and know

Training for Trainers

Training is an investment a company must make for the future its employees and certainly training will help companies recover their investments in the form of increased productivity and profits. Continuous building of skills and knowledge helps companies remain competitive and benefits of the training is generally highlighted in the beginning of any training program. However, if there is a

How to become a Corporate Trainer?

Learning how Corporate training works. A corporate trainer is one who works in a Corporate or Business environment and transports knowledge and skills to the people of that organization.  Corporate trainer can be hired full time or also work as individual consultants to train the employees of an organization. Mostly all corporate trainers come to work from a variety of

Training, Facilitating, and Presenting

Training, Facilitating and Presenting are often interchanged and differ according to the purpose of the situation which will determine the skills required to deliver them. The main purpose of a training session is for the participants to build competence, acquire knowledge and skills which can be used at their workplace. In a facilitating session the participants are been guided through

Employee Training – A Strategic Step To Success Or An Unavoidable Expense

It is essential to cultivate a learning culture at your organization, one where expectations are clearly set from the beginning, and where the employee and the organization both share the benefits. It is essential to develop the talent in the organization than replacing one. Therefore, it becomes essential for any organization to invest in the learning and development of their


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