About Us

Being a training solutions provider to some world class organizations, Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has had the opportunity to work and exchange ideas with some of the finest minds in the industry today. Learn and get trained by them, by registering now for the Train The Trainer Certification Workshop.

You will also benefit from Bodhih’s ongoing research in the field of training and inputs from the industry on the cutting edge requirements in the field of training and development and state of the art trends and best practices.


Learn the secrets

Having served over 250 clients from various industry sectors with excellent feedback, Bodhih has learned and in turn created some of the most sought after best practices in the field of training and development. You can learn them too because that is precisely what we share with our participants at the Train The Trainer Certification Workshop.

Gain New insights

This workshop will equip you with everything necessary to enter the Training field with ease and grow into being a successful corporate trainer in the shortest possible time

Develop Multiple Training Approaches

Bodhih's Train The Trainer Certification Workshop ensures that participants get involved in the entire training cycle and help organizations overcome challenges through training interventions. It helps participants work from a result driven mindset towards training rather than just a process driven mindset.

Learn Advanced methods

Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt Ltd has been and continues to do work which is at the cutting edge of Corporate Training Solutions and Organizational Development.

that ensure that trainers have the upper hand when it comes to creating and delivering programs to an audience of any cross section or at any level in the hierarchy. The learning areas of this Train the Trainer workshop include:

It has been Bodhih’s experience and track record that participants, whether experienced or otherwise, who have gone through the Train The Trainer certification have turned into sought after training professionals in the Industry.